"I don’t really care about a lot of stuff. I just look at life in a very funny way, with a sense of humor, so I don’t really care."- John Hein
Insincerely Yours. 

Insincerely Yours. 


Being 22. Makes me feel like I should have a kid by now. I just don’t feel older, I feel old too. Would Meryl Streep say that? All I want this is year is to find my courage back, to do something worthwhile that makes me feel brave again. I’m being vague, but when that time comes, you will know. Thanks for reading, I don’t care if you care.image

October Week 2

This week is amazing, my cousin from Texas came to California to visit we went to Napa Valley, got some wine tasting done, and went to San Francisco. Tomorrow my cousin from Canada are coming to visit, going to go shopping all day and maybe get some pumpkins to carve. Supernatural, American Horror Story and Walking dead all this week. The Cory episode of Glee :(. Carrie is coming out next week, Halloween is coming up. Got my Demi lovato ticket. Going to see 30 Seconds To Mars this Friday with a bestie. Gagacan. The Legend of Korra on Friday. Pokemon X & Y on Saturday. That’s pretty much that’s new with me.

October 3rd

I remember seeing this movie for the first time when I visited my friend’s house in Texas. We had a sleepover and they suggested this movie and I had no idea what it was about. Let’s just say I laughed so hard my stomach fell out of my butt. So not only was it a great movie, but it gave me memories of my childhood friends, Cassandra & Jacob. ;( This is definitely a classic and any strangers that can quote something from this movie, we already have a connection. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eORqi-n2V0

Robert Carradine as Sam McGuire

Lizzie McGuire, one of my best childhood show ever and till this day still angry they didn’t sign the contract to have Lizzie, Gordo & Miranda continue their adventures in High School!! I recently read an article of “Where are they Now” and was surprise what Lizzie’s dad was up to only because… Now last year I got hooked on TBS’s show King of the Nerds and one of the host was him. Whhhhaaaaaaa!? I didn’t even recognize him until I read this article now, so that was pleasant to see someone on tv when you haven’t seen them for a longass time. It’s my childhood, grew up seeing them on my favorite show and they reappear like an old friend, it was nice. Or sad, because it made me wishes how much I wanted to go back to simpler times. Still, I’m super excited King of the Nerds is renew and season two will be airing in 2014. And of course I know how Hilary Duff is doing, I mean it’s a must to follow her on instagram  twitter, her fansite. oh you know, and  guess what, she’s in the studioooo!! fuck yeah, #comeclean

He will always be Sam McGuire to me, what a dorky dad. haha :D

Oh and Happy October, here’s my favorite blanket. It has cats and stuff. The start of the holidays always take me back to my childhood.

Oh and Happy October, here’s my favorite blanket. It has cats and stuff. The start of the holidays always take me back to my childhood.


Mercy, what I ask for so time can stop. I haven’t been on Tumblr for a while, and right now I think I need it. Sorry if you follow me and it sucks, haha. 21, and I’m still waiting for something big to happen in my life. I’m in limbo, I have to start moving and sort myself out. make new friends and find new places. Maybe a quarter life crisis? or I’m too lazy to actually do anything. Trying to find energy and put into a purpose. I’ll let you know if I survive this 1/4 journey of a long road. If not I’m probably dead by now, and wished I had gone to see a Britney concert.


So I can go to some destinations this summer.

1. Alaska

2. Canada & New York

3. Germany & Barcelona

The third is for sure, but hmmm so much planning plus this road trip too in June. 

I want to meet one of my soul-mates this summer, let’s see where this takes me. It almost happened last summer, but I got scared.


will be an all-nighter, I can’t sleep. Too many thoughts racing through my head. I don’t think this is unusual but I listen to 2-4 hours of music everyday, sometime more (weekends). Most people are like that? I still need to add all music from the music folder to my iTunes, I want to see how many songs I have in total. Right now, since I got a new laptop I transfer 7,848 songs to my iTunes so far. Also, I organize all my music, all have album artwork, correct info on the songs, & convert all to 320 kbps, yup. Oh, I get all my followers from posting songs on here, thank you, too bad it’s limited to one song per day. Also, I’m going to 2 exciting places this summer. Cheers.